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Aug 18

Ok, SubtitleEditor 0.3.1 had more bugs than bug-fixes, the code was sort of crap and the interface was sort of overloaded. So, what can one do? I guess, there’s only 1 thing that makes sense: rewrite the damn thing. And thats exactly what I’m doing right now. I know, I should have done this half a year ago – or I should have written decent code in the first place.

Anyway, at the moment I’m trying to do the following things:

  • Write a new Version with all the features that 0.3.1 had – except of course the bugs :)
  • Get SubtitleEditor to guess where to insert a new subtitle by comparing start and end times
  • Hav a lot less code than in Version 0.3.1 => less code, less bugs, less worries

So far, things have worked out the way I want them to. The only Problem, I don’t have any testers, so I have to test everything myself, which is very time consuming. So, if you would like to help me test, please contact me! The program actually runs quite stable already, I use it for all my subtitle editing I do. The things left for me to do now are:

  • Customize the open and save panel
  • Make sure there are no bugs
  • Optimize Code
  • And again, make sure there are no bugs

So, when can you expect the new version to be released? Well, I guess I should be done with the programming in the next few days. After that, it will probably take me 1 or 2 days to test and fix (if I don’t screw myself by writing really bad code now, that is).

Update: Guess it took me longer than I thought (I also dropped SubtitleEditor for some time). But now I’m at it again, but I’m not sure how long it will be to the next release.

Update 2: There is a repository with the code of the new version, so if you are interested in how it looks, feel free to take a look. However, at the moment there is no big functionality implemented, it’s mainly the visual stuff I’ve been working on. Check the online browser or download the code by typing

git clone git://

in the Terminal.

Update 3: The code in the repository is more or less how I will release Subtitle Editor 1.0. All that’s left to do is test and fix what didn’t work in the tests. From now on, Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or above is required.

EDIT: This is not the current code. I will upload the current code as soon as I feel Subtitle Editor is done, which will be as soon as the subtitles are being displayed in the movie preview. For the time being, here’s an updated screen shot (with some bogus data – thanks to alex for pointing out potential problems). The black part is where the movie preview is. For obvious reasons, I did not play a movie while taking the screen shot:

Subtitle Editor Screenshot

Subtitle Editor Screenshot

If you would like to help me, please read this.

9 Responses to “Working on a new Version”

  1. Dean says:

    Hello. I’ve been looking for a subtitle editor. Mainly because I find some subtitles that are off by a few seconds to a few minutes. Rather than attempt to create one from scratch, I often go without subtitles. I’d be glad to help test your program if you still need testers.

  2. Andronicus Torp says:

    I hear it is a good program and I would like to help you test it if you still need help.


  3. jahbless says:

    hey, looking forward to the new SE. you mention the need for testers, one if available here. currently using two ubunty jaunty based distros (mint & crunchbang) but looking at two slackware distros at the moment (zenwalk & wolvix) so i will have two different platforms with which to test on. hit me up with an email if you want anyway.

    Jah Bless

  4. Bruno says:

    hey budy, i like very much your app but when i try to save again, i dont know why.. he changes the UTF-8 and make special caracters like ç é ã õ wrong in video afterwards… maybe have something with subtittles in portuguese… (Brazilian) if you want to make a check get some in and try !

    Thanks a lot

  5. NIKOLAI says:

    I tried to use your Subtitle program but I can’t find the way of opening any existing .srt text file subtitle. The “open” command doesn’t open anything and nothing happens when I drag and drop a .srt document over the program icon or over the tables. Copy and paste don’t work either. I understand that the purpose of the program is to change the synchronization of an existing subtitled document. To do that it’s necessary to select the document. ¿Or is it necessary to re-write the entire document? Please answer me with instruccions or, at least, bad news.

  6. Michael says:

    Nikolai: I believe that’s a weird bug that some (I don’t) have, try using 0.3.0 instead of 0.3.1, or an even older version if that doesn’t work. Once the new version is out, this bug will be fixed permanently, but I don’t have the time to work on the 0.3 branch any more (and the code is so messed up, I don’t really want to either).

  7. iconic icons says:

    Hey I might be able to help you with some sweet graphics/icons. Drop me a line and we can discuss.

  8. alex kent says:

    do you really think you should be using illegally obtained movie files in your screenshots.
    seems a bit ‘asking for trouble’ to me.

  9. Michael says:

    @alex Guess you’re right, thanks :) . I didn’t think about it since I just downloaded a subtitle file for the screen shot…
    I replaced the screenshot, since it’s not up to date anymore.

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